Although stress incontinence is commonly considered as a problem primarily affecting women, men could also suffer from male stress incontinence. However, the triggers of stress incontinence in men and women are normally very different. Male and female urinary systems are very different, and are therefore vulnerable to a selection of problems.

Male stress incontinence means the involuntary leakage of pee that releases when pressure is exerted on the bladder. This contraction can result from lifting a heavy object, coughing, or any alternative act that places stress on the formation of the urinary tract like the bladder and urethra.

In men, stress incontinence is normally the consequence of a malady or a treatment for a malady concerning the prostate gland, which is a walnut-sized organ that sits at the foot of the bladder and envelops the urethra. Inflammation or hypertrophy (overgrowth) of the prostate can place pressure on the urethra, making it burdonsome for the muscles to control the releasing and constricting of the urinary sphincter, which serves as a one-way valve aiding regulation of urination. When this one-way valve ceases to operate appropriately, urine may seep out of the bladder under pressure. This seepage can vary from a tiny, slight rivulet to complete removal of bladder control.

Normal treatments for prostate disease include TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate), radiation of the prostate gland and prostatectomy (removal of the prostate). Seepage of urine is reasonably normal after any of these procedures, significantly prostatectomy, and commonly resolves in the weeks or months after surgery. For a small proportion of men (5 to 20%), prostatectomy causes permanent incontinence.

Treatment of male stress incontinence ranges from self-help remedies, to medications, to surgery, resting upon the importance and timing of the situation.

A selection of males require medication for treatment of male stress incontinence. Medications normally highlight incontinence in one of a variety of ways: by counteracting nerve signals that tell the bladder to tighten strangely, by uncontracting the bladder, by decreasing the volume of urine made, or by reducing prostate size. Medications are not for everyone. A few medications might trigger unneeded side effects or can never mix well with medications that are being taken to treat other conditions.

Although urinary incontinence is a troubling condition that many males find untenable, there are a lot of incontinence products available that might reduce moments of embarrassment from this normal condition. The formation of male incontinence pads and male incontinence pants that look and behave like common underwear can greatly boost confidence and comfort, diminishing feelings of sadness and depression that a lot of men who exhibit incontinence possess.

Male stress incontinence is a common problem generally caused by situations leading from disease of the prostate. There are a number of treatment options out there for men exhibiting from this malady, differing from wholesale pet supplies, to best diaper bag, to surgical intervention as a end choice. In the interim, anyone suffering from stress incontinence has available a selection of incontinence products created specifically to decrease the sad feelings twinned with male stress incontinence.

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